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It all started when...


My dream was to start my own business as soon as I graduated high school. Well I became an adult and that dream went out the window and my dream was like everyone else's, marriage, kids, job and then retirement. So it all happened as planned except I'm not ready to retire.  One late evening while I was sewing on my embroidery machine, I started thinking about things I can do with the skills I've acquired over the years, making gifts for friends and relatives.  At that moment I took out my laptop, started putting together a plan to start my business, of course me being a relic with computers I had to ask my kids for help. Once I had everything together it was like clock work and that's when I realize this is how I became the "Master" of my craft. My commitment is to give quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer service, which keeps people coming back again and again. We'll never stop improving, and giving excellent service.

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